New students in the project

This month CAPCULT project is happy to officially receive its first graduate students!

Tatiana and Tiago in field work at Serra das Confusões

Tatiane Valença is a biologist and was a technician in the project from the very beginning, and was of extreme help with data collection, management and analysis. She got accepted as a PhD student in the Experimental Psychology programe at Institute of Psychology (University of São Paulo) to work on a project about risk perception and tool use by capuchin monkeys. Her data will add to the CapCult project a new analysis on a factor that can influence tool use.

The second student is Andrews Fernandes Nunes. He is a biologist and is starting a Masters’ research project to compare two of the CAPCULT study groups on probe tool use. He is beginning the Masters course at Institute of Psychology (USP).

Andrews Fernandes

Andrews is also a science communicator and has a Youtube channel (Comportamento Primatológico) where he present primatology and other scientific information to the general public.