This is a collaborative project that aims to identify and understand the cultural behavior of a neotropical primate, the capuchin monkey. This intelligent and curious monkey has several behaviors, including tool use, that are similar to our own ancestors, although separated by 40 million years of evolutionary history. That fact makes the capuchins an interesting alternative model to understand the human evolution.

This project brought together an excelent team of research of international researchers, from different areas of expertises. Primatologists, geneticists, archaeologists, botanists, biologists are working together to understand why capuchin monkeys populations behave so differently, although some are living in similar environments.

Sites currently under study by the Capcult project. Future sites not shown in the map.

With the support of São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), National Geographic Society, Leakey Foundation and Neotropical Primates Research Group, we are proud to share our research with the world.

The project is based at the School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities at the University of São Paulo.